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Current Role: Senior Capture Artist and Video Editor.


Star Wars Hunters is a 4 v 4 arena shooter that takes place within Star Wars canon, set after the fall of the Empire in Episode VI Return of the Jedi. The title is currently in Soft Launch and releasing Worldwide in 2024.


I primarily work with briefs from the Community and Marketing Teams, creating trailers to highlight new content being added to the game in our soft launch updates including revealing New Hunters into Star Wars canon, showcasing New Playable Maps and providing overviews of New Game Modes.


Owning the full video production pipeline when creating my content, I kick off Pre-Production, initially planning and storyboarding my projects, before going on to create and render Cinematic Shots using Unreal Engine 4's Virtual Video Production Tools. As well as Directing and Capturing Multiplayer Gameplay Capture Sessions. Finally I then handle the Post Production of the titles video content, including editing, motion graphics and versioning for various social platforms.

Outside of creating trailers and video content for the public eye, I also handle creating static artwork, used for social as well as in-game and frequently create internal reels for Development Milestone's highlighting the latest team achievements and features being added to the game.

Trailers & video CONTENT


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