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I've been a Video Editor and Trailer Creator for over 6 years with experience creating engaging video content for exciting clients and titles. I found a real passion for video editing working on live action content but moved into the video game industry to be able to own all phases of video production and create some truly stunning content from the exciting and detailed worlds that development teams build.


Creating trailers is an art and with a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision in editing, I craft stunning audiovisual experiences that are designed to impress and thrill viewers. The ability to evoke emotion through video is what propels my work forward, and I am constantly pushing the envelope, striving to produce trailers that are immersive, visceral experiences. 


This channel is coming soon!


Using the suite of virtual production and cinematic tools available in Unreal Engine I craft engaging and high quality cinematic shots to suit the tone and narrative of the video I'm creating. Allowing to enhance the viewers perception of the world and create cinematic shots that perfectly compliment a titles gameplay.


Strong editing is key to creating pieces that not only look and sound great, but feel genuine and authentic. I work hard to blend visuals and audio to compelling and engaging content. Precision is key to producing a visually stunning and sonically rich video and I combine my skills in game capture and cinematics with my knowledge and understanding of editing to incredibly crafted final assets.


I specialise in game capture that showcases digital world's in their best possible light, capturing the perfect shot with precision timing and fluidity, ensuring the games are seen at maximum quality with the developer's vision in mind. Every game has a unique aesthetic that can be captured and shared with players and whether capturing on retail or development builds, or even directly from the engine.

directing capture sessions

As well working on solo game capture across various titles, I also frequently direct large scale multiplayer capture sessions for Star Wars: Hunters, leading sessions with 7-8 actors. Choreographing multiple actors is key to showing viewers the exciting and engaging moments that can happen in multiplayer gameplay and I work diligently to organise these sessions and run them efficiently, capturing perfectly exceuted shots from both gameplay and debug camera perspectives.


Motion graphics can enhance and add unique style to videos, whether it's creating unique title cards/ text slates or animating existing 2D art assets, I can create exciting and unique motion graphics designs to take trailers and video content to the next level.


As well as trailer creation, I also work on static content both  professionally for Star Wars: Hunters as well as personally creating stunning images using photo modes in some of my favourite titles including the Marvel's Spider-Man series, Ratchet & Clank and more.

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered_20210724184726.jpg
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